The Health Field Between Nursing Assistants

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To me, diversity is the idea that there are multiple points of view on a given topic. As everyone has a different input to each subject. In many work fields, diversity is greatly depended upon. In nursing there are great examples of how diversity can help in crucial situations. For example, during a trauma, while everyone is in different placing assisting the patient, the aide is instructed to cut off the clothes, but sometimes there are many different things that need to be done. Each nurse has an idea of the things that they should do and in which order, but sometimes other nurses have better ideas, or they can collaborate and use both ideas at the same time, as this is usually the most efficient way to get everything done.
There are also examples of this in the health field between nursing assistants. Sometimes other aids have great ideas on how to make the job get done quickly and efficiently, but often since quick and easy are not always comfortable for the patient, if they are conscious, the second aide in the room can think of a way to do it either more efficiently, without causing pain to the patient, or in other cases we can use the first idea, but the second aide can think of a way that may allow the patient to remain comfortable while the task is being completed. These are examples of diversity in the workplace, this is usually the goal of health care employers, specifically. According to Hewlett, Marshall, Sherbin, on diversity innovation, having a leader in an
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