The Health Of Aboriginal Children And Adolescent Mental Health

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This paper is a critical analysis of two contrasting research articles which have come from human services related journals. The research articles have been selected as they adopt contrasting approaches to research - qualitative and quantitative. The objective of this analysis is to highlight and interpret the interrelated paradigms that all forms of research are underpinned by. Theoretical underpinnings of research play a crucial role throughout all research paradigms which consequently guide and determine the direction research will take. It is important to understand that this paper is not a comparison of the two research articles therefore, the articles have been analysed separately to achieve a clearer point of view. The first…show more content…
The findings of this study indicated that professionals working with Aboriginal children and adolescents need to be conscious of the importance of family and identity. Furthermore, it is critical that improvements are made to accessibility of mental health services for Aboriginal children, adolescents and their families as well as a more holistic approach being taken towards addressing mental health needs. The second research article was selected from The Early Childhood Education Journal and is titled “A Quantitative Study of Head Start Children’s Strengths, Families’ Perspectives, and Teachers’ Ratings in the Transition to Kindergarten” (Robinson & Diamond, 2013). This study explored the connection between preschool children’s social-interpersonal skills and their transition to kindergarten in mid-western America. One hundred and thirty-three preschool children participated in this study over a two year period using three measures of testing. In the year leading up to commencing kindergarten the children’s social-interpersonal skills were evaluated by their teachers. In the following year, parents/guardians and teachers were then required to report on the children’s adjustment to kindergarten. The results of this study found that there was no connection between parents/guardians and teachers reports of
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