The Health Promotion Model By Nola Pender

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Introduction The Health Promotion Model (HPM) by Nola Pender was formulated with the concept of patient self-care to prevent illnesses. The model posits that diseases can be averted using healthy behaviors and choices (Nursing Theories, 2011). She proposed the theory that could be applied in conjunction with other models to protect health. Pender recommended that the state of health was dynamic and not merely being in ill health. It involves living a life that reflects and promotes overall well-being. HPM teaches that health is a multifaceted pursuit that cannot be separated from biological, sociocultural, and environmental factors. Rationale for Choosing Theorist Nola Pender’s focus in the development of this theory was the consideration of using behavior to influence the actions that encourage health and wellness. It is involved in the comprehension of the primary determinants of health habits that can be applied to prevent disease, detect it early, and provide holistic disease management (Pender, 2011). Indeed, this approach to nursing is attractive because of its ease of application in the nursing practice. Theorist Biography Nola Pender was born in 1941. She studied her Bachelors and Master’s program at the Michigan State University. She earned her Ph.D. at the North-western University in 1969. Dr. Pender is a Professor Emerita who developed this theory in alignment with her interests in behavioral counseling, health promotion, and adolescent well-being. She carried
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