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Full of life, movement and noise - heart of London which is inspiring already. Within the Temple, The Round Church lies surrounded by the ancient buildings in a traffic-free, green place of calm bounded by the rather hazy River Thames and in between the Fleet Street. The entrance through the gateways, possible to take either of the Inner or the Middle Temple which was apparently designed by an amateur of architecture, built in 1684 with brick and huge Ionic pilasters and a pediment. The Inner Template Gateway was made out of timber, plaster and brick with a pleasant looking room located over the gateway.
Where the tides of history have shifted, the place being demolished and rebuilt, damaged then restored, reduced to ruin and again …show more content…

Which gives another interesting aspect to the Round Church; all the knights are on their back but are otherwise positioned in different ways. The nave part also features organ and beautiful wooden altar that design made Sir Christopher Wren. He introduced an organ to the church for the first time and changed the interiors by including an altar screen.

The Chancel The choir of the original church was pulled down and an enlarged structure was created, that comprises a central aisle and the two side ones with identical width. The Purbeck marble columns of the Chancel cracked although still supported the vault, they were deemed unsound and replaced by replicas. The original columns had a light outward lean which was duplicated in the replacement ones.
In 1841 the church has been restored by Smirke and Burton. They have decorated the walls and ceiling in the high Victorian Gothic. They were aiming and attempting a restoration to bring its original appearance. Theirs work were destroyed during the height of the Battle of Britain where German air raid bombed the roof of the round church. However during the renovation, it was found that the renovations made by Wren in the 17th Century were in storage and were replaced into the original

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