The Heat Is On The Greenhouse Effect And The Earth 's Future

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Article #1: Owen, Oliver S. "The heat is on; the greenhouse effect and the earth 's future." The Futurist Sept.-Oct. 1989: 34+. Academic OneFile. Web. 30 Nov. 2015. Summary: Oliver S. Owen who is a professor of biology at the University of Wisconsin wrote an article on the impact of global warming and how the greenhouse gasses effect the warming of the globe. This article mainly focuses on the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide and how it is produced and can be eliminated from society. Carbon dioxide is released when organic material is broken down whether it is from burning or if it is from decay. The main ways carbon is released is from the burning of fossil fuels and the burning of tropical forests in the use of new farmland and grazing land for cattle. “By itself, fossilfuel consumption is responsible for the annual release of 5 billion metric tons of carbon into the air” fossil fuels produce the most carbon dioxide that pollutes our atmosphere by far. The main reason we need to worry about the carbon dioxide increase is because Owen predicts this increase “will hike up the global "thermostat" about 4 [degrees] C (7 [degrees] F).” Many well-respected scientists also disagree with these findings because most of the information is not considered “hard information” and does not take all variables into consideration. The increase of Carbon dioxide will not have a negative impact on everyone on earth, people who live near the poles will have increased growing seasons in some
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