The Heath Documentary, Hungry For Change

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I decided to analyze the heath documentary, Hungry for Change. There are two reasons why I chose this particular documentary, which are, my education and health, and my family’s health. Personally, I am very interested in nutrition, health, and overall well-being. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I began to make better food choices and do moderate exercises. Now that I am in college, where I’m forced to make my own food, I’ve grown to love cooking and eating with organic and whole food. While I am in college, where there is daily access to a gym, I have all the reasons to be healthy and fit. To be a little serious about my health decisions, I decided to take a Nutrition course this semester to enhance my understanding about the…show more content…
It was also mentioned that food industries merely aim to increase profit and marketing. Food production focuses to make food more appealing to consumers by producing their products to look, taste, and have longer shelf life (which consumers gravitate towards when making food choice.) On the other hand, to reverse the health concerns that were brought up, the documentary also provided information to aid people exercise alternatives to live healthier. For example, people should increase their organic or whole food intake and decrease processed food, have adequate sleep, and daily exercise. When an individual learns to appreciate a whole food diet, it will be easier to forgo processed food, therefore feeling happier and energized. All in all, a better diet improves emotional, mental, physical health.
This documentary best fits under the Action-facilitating concept, which is found in chapter 8, pages 205 to 206 of the textbook. Action-facilitating is defined as, performing tasks and collecting information. There are two types of action-facilitating support, which are, instrumental support (task and favors) and informational support (involves the act to share information from the internet, personal experience, and/or clips.) Particularly, this documentary is closest related to informational support. As I perceive it, it is intended to bring obesity and overall health awareness
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