The Hegemonic Concept Of Hegemony Essay

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The concept of hegemony used in the media is of central theoretical importance and, as Bernadette Casey notes ,it enables television to construct a limited range of views of the world, specifically promoting the ideas of the dominant societies (2008). The term , defined by Casey as control of one state over another, was further supported by Gramsci’s theory (1971),where it is argued that culture and politics are linked together through leadership , establishing control through persuading people in their dominant values. Casey further examines this theory in terms of television practices, where viewers are encouraged to regard the capitalist needs as the needs of the society in general (2008). In relation to these studies, the essay is going to analyze the hegemonic concept in a particular part of the mainstream television, the American TV series, Sex and the City. Sex and the City is a program aired on 6th June 1998, produced by Home Box Office (HBO) .The storyline follows the lives of four young women living in New York and most of it is narrated by Carrie Bradshaw, a column writer who has a problematic relationship with designer shoes and also with her romantic interest, Mr. Big. Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are the other three protagonists, each representing a different perspective on womanhood.(via IMDB) The contrast between the sexually unrestrained personality of Samantha, the old-fashioned moral standards of Charlotte and the seemingly tough but yet

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