The Hero 's Journey : ' The Odyssey '

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The Hero’s Journey is a format of writing that follows a similar path: Separation, Initiation, and Return. Odysseus’s adventure, in the epic poem The Odyssey, is a perfect example of the Hero’s Journey. Odysseus is separated from his hometown during the Trojan War, and is put through multiple trials and obstacles that slow his return home. Eventually, he makes his return to Ithaca. I am Matt Farruggio, although I have only been on this Earth for 14 years, I have followed the hero’s journey as well. In my life, I have had some experiences that embody the style of the Hero’s Journey. In my life, I have had to change schools and my dad has had a stroke; during these times I’ve needed to embark on a trip that resembled the Hero’s Journey. My journey changed my way of life as it made me more independent. My school transfer and my dad’s stroke forced me to become a more responsible and resourceful person. In The Odyssey, Odysseus’ left his homeland to go fight in the Trojan War. He learned what it feels like to be separated from his family and how willing he was to return home. In my life, I became separated from what I knew and what I called home. I was forced to leave my old school and transfer to a new one. This event affected me both mentally and emotionally, and made me grow into a strong-willed person... “I’m the best in the game,” said my seven year old self. I’ve played soccer for most of my life and was in the car on the way to a game. That day was foggy and wet; our…

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