The Hidden And Null Curriculum

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Since the time I was in preschool, there has always been rules and expectations for my peers and I to follow. I never really put much thought to the rules and expectations until understanding what the hidden and null curriculum entail. Like many school districts do, there are rules and expectations that students must follow during the school day and even at school activities. Some of the hidden curriculum we have in our school district is written in our hand book, while others have just been present since anyone can remember. Within our school, students are to stay in the commons before school unless they are getting help from a teacher. Students are not allowed to have cell phones in classrooms, but can have them during passing periods and at lunch. During our assemblies students are to sit by grade level. I think the main reason we sit by grade level is so the middle school students do not try to sit with the high school students. Either way it makes it a lot easier to find a student if they have to leave early without disrupting the entire assembly. During lunch, students are dismissed by tables to get in line for lunch. This was a new one for me when I first came to the district, because everywhere else I have taught at was first one to the lunchroom got their lunch first and so on. At Treynor, our school motto is “Excellence is Expected, and Excellence is Achieved.” Within the school district everyone works hard to follow this motto. If a student falls

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