Explain How to Establish and Maintain a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment. Explain How to Establish Ground Rules with Learner’s to Promote Respect for Each Other. Explain How to Promote Appropriate Behaviour and Respect for Others.

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Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment 7.3.1. Explain how to establish ground rules with learner’s to promote respect for each other. 9.3.2. Explain how to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others. 7.3.2.

When considering teaching in Further education, I assumed that managing behaviour and having to establish ‘ground rules’ had been left at the school gates, amidst an onslaught of eggs, signed uniforms and flour.
Of course, having had a little experience, I now feel that students in F.E are the most diverse group to teach anywhere in education and with that, equally diverse in terms of behaviour and motivation.
In order to establish and instigate ground rules in the first
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A supportive learning environment should be purposeful and task orientated, where the tutor emphasises the need to progress steadily. This can be done by starting lessons promptly, creating a smooth flow to the lesson, involving pupils and monitoring their progression and organisation. A positive effort should be made to ensure pupils have or build on self-respect and esteem by setting realistic opportunities for success and helpful support and encouragement whenever difficulties arise.
A sense of order within the class can be managed by presenting lessons effectively and establishing positive relationships with pupils- based on mutual respect and rapport. I will, as a tutor, have to develop skills in managing behaviour and use a variety of tactics in order to develop an understanding of students individually and as a group. Hopefully, I will be able to combine that with the correct approach to planning, my approach, the resources to use in order to deal with barriers learners may have adopted towards learning and to maintain a good level of motivation.
I believe in creating a relaxed, warm and supportive atmosphere in a group, as in my experience I have found that it creates a positive environment and suits my style when interacting with and enabling others. (Kyriacou, C.1998:65) writes- with regard to this particular style- ‘This better enables pupils to develop curiosity and interest in the learning activities’ However, this may