The Hidden Potential Of Euthanasia

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The Hidden Potential of Euthanasia When people think of the term “dying with dignity” they will usually picture themselves living a very fulfilling life where everyone saw them as some sort of hero. Maybe they want to be seen as someone who was strong and kept up with a battle to fight disease. This same image could come to mind with a person who chose to take their own life rather than let a disease or terminal illness be the reason for them dying. There are very few people that imagine dying with dignity to be described as having control over whether or not a terminal illness will be the cause of their death. With the legalization of Euthanasia across the United States, more and more people will be aware of the benefits that it could …show more content…

Some churches also emphasise the importance of not interfering with the natural process of death” (BBC). There are many ways that people can oppose this argument, they could target how many Christians dye their hair or get tattoos, which would be considered interfering with God’s creation of that person but, it is important however, for opposers of the argument to realize that euthanasia is not a religious issue. Even if that were the case, there is separation of church and state in the America. When considering euthanasia, it needs to be understood that the argument about euthanasia surrounds laws and public policies that may continue to forbid it or make it a difficult subject to discuss in courts across America.
When faced with Hippocratic Oath, many argue that the oath clearly forbids doctors from prescribing any lethal medication or to perform any tasks with the intention of harming the patient. The Hippocratic Oath may be something that graduate students planning to become doctors pledge at their graduation but, it is clear that it is no longer relevant in modern day society. In fact, there is even a line in the oath that pushes for the prohibition of abortion which is legal in the United States as of right now. There are also a few lines in the oath that are against women participating in the practice of medicine and a knife

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