The Hidden Truth about Breatfeeding or Formula

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“Rocket Science. Breastfeeding makes babies smarter.” The controversy of breastfeeding and the use is breast milk substitutes for infant formula has been going on for years now. In the past there has been facts proving that infant formula has caused illness and deaths worldwide. I see this type of strife on busses, billboards, and the social media. It has caught my attention to conduct a survey and see how many women breastfeed, to see the quantity of women that do care for. I have set up a survey of a sample of a 100 mothers and asked two questions if you have breastfeed or if you have not? I had attached a second section asking if the mother is married or single, attending college or not, and their age. This survey was done by paper, interviews, and online. I choose different type of women from different type of ethnicity ad places like relatives, friends, school, coworkers, and random people from social media. Low percentage of mother’s breastfeed. The first question the participant mothers were asked was if they have breastfeed? As shown on Figure 1.1, the results revealed that only 15% of women in the study breastfeed their babies. I was very shocked of the low percentage. This question is the conclusion to my research because I’m trying to figure out why women don’t breastfeed. The women that were married and not working or only working part time tend to breastfeed. As it is rare for women to be married and only focusing on the household, the percentage of

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