The Controversy Surrounding Breastfeeding : A Review And Analysis Written By Jon P. Weimer Essay

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In the world of supermodels and Kardashians, one thing the world is definitely lacking is modesty. It’s hard to even go out into the city without seeing a scantily clad woman on a billboard. There seems to be no problem with nudity in the public places, and yet if a breastfeeding mother sits down to feed her child, it’s immodest and should be done in a separate room. The controversy surrounding breastfeeding is one consisting of hypocrisy and childishness. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life, and yet women are expected to take their child into the bathroom to feed them even though they would not normally eat in the bathroom themselves. This is an opinion that needs to be changed, whether that change is met with opposition or not. One of the things fueling the force against breastfeeding in public is that not a lot of people know how beneficial breastfeeding over formula feeding is for the child. According to The Economic Benefits of Breastfeeding: A Review and Analysis Written by Jon p. Weimer, the majority of the American infants were breastfed up until around 1950. In the last 50 years alone, breastfeeding has changed significantly with the creation of synthetic formula, causing the number of infants being breastfed to dwindle off. Between 1946 and 1956, the number of infants being breastfed fell by half, and by 1967 only 25% of America’s infant population was being breastfed at the time of hospital discharge. The numbers proceeded to increase and decrease in the
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