The Hierarchy Of Needs Theory Essay

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The Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Living beings act, and their behavior is driven by incentives, needs, and drives. Animals act only by their instinctive desires. The behavior of animals is due to instinctive desires rather than by thought. However, where does man 's behavior originate from? Many psychologists have studied this topic with interest. Man 's behavior is also influenced by human desires. However, how human desires influence human behavior is a very important issue. On this issue, psychologist Maslow explores the hierarchy of needs theory through what human need is and how it affects human behavior. Masslow 's hierarchy of needs theory not only explains human behavior and causes well, it has also influenced various fields. However, this theory has some limitations. First, Maslow 's hierarchy of needs theory is a theory that explains human behavior and causes. Maslow, a psychologist, introduces Maslow 's hierarchy of needs theory in [Motivation and Personality](1954). This book testifies to his academic achievements and is the most important reference to those interested in the theory of psychology, including psychology, pedagogy, business administration, and social sciences, and the most cited psychology. It is considered one of the bible. In this book, the 'Five Step Needs of Desire ' criticizes traditional behavioral psychological experiments and Freud 's psychoanalysis from a humanistic point of view and looks at human motives

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