Water And Sanitation

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1. INTRODUCTION Water is one of the most essential elements in life. Millions of individuals around the world are facing water complications and are struggle to keep safe water for their daily basic needs. An access to water and sanitation is essential to achieve one of the Millennium Development Goals, include poverty improvement, hunger and lack of nutrition which results in lower rate of child mortality, increase gender equality and providing more chance for education and ensure environmental sustainability. [1] In order to meet basic human requirements, water are able to contribute a sustainable expansion in other important ways. It is necessary for agriculture and many industrial processes and used as a primary part of transport systems by some of the country. The international community started to use the services by water-related ecosystems, from storm protection, flood control and sanitization of water. Back in the year of 1943, a psychology theory; known as Maslow’s hierarchy was first developed by Abraham Maslow regarding the observation of human behavior. This concept justifies a different level of human desires, which includes a group of basic needs, psychological need and self fulfillment needs. This concept is shown in Figure 1 Figure 1 Maslow hierarchy of needs [2] According to Maslow, he believe most people have natural desire to be self-actualized all they can be. However, few basic needs must met first before moving to achieve other ultimate goals.

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