The Higher Education Opportunity Act: Teachers Improving Their Education

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To improve education in the United States, the core objectives in federal education legislation address the improvement of teacher education and quality, for example, Higher Education Opportunity Act (Cohen-vogel, 2005). Teacher preparation program is one of the policy instruments to deliver the goals. Unlike traditional preparation program and alternative teacher preparation programs, Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) is an innovative preparation program improving teacher quality in which a mentor will be assigned to work with the novice teacher for a year. UTRs are distinctive than other programs mainly in three aspects as follows: recruitment, preparation, and ongoing induction. First established in 2002, UTRs have gained its popularity and …show more content…

Framework of BTR Program Outcomes
It cannot be denied that traditional teacher education and alternative certification are effective in supplying high-quality teachers in urban school districts. However, there are still some challenges for these programs. For instance, traditional program cannot target district needs in specific subjects including science, special education, and etc. Also, candidates in alternative certification programs do not have enough clinical experiences before becoming a teacher of record (Berry, et al., 2008). Combining the components from both traditional teacher program and alternative certificate program, BTR is an innovative teacher preparation program that aims to “recruit, prepare, and sustain excellent teachers” with different structures and systems (Solomon, 2009).
As discussed above, UTRs programs differ from other programs in several ways including recruitment, preparation, and ongoing support. Specifically, UTR recruits only for positions where districts have trouble in recruiting and retaining enough high-quality teachers. That is, the BTR program seeks candidates with various backgrounds to teacher specifically in Boston Public School (BPS), which can satisfy district needs in hard-to-staff subjects. In addition, BTR candidates are required to teach in BPS at least three

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