A Comparison of Alternatively and Tradi Essay

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A Comparison of Alternatively and Traditionally Prepared Teachers By Chassidy Bracey Work Submitted As Partial Completion of Course EDCI 509-01 Professor: Dr. George Mitchell Jackson State University Jackson, Mississippi 10/2/2014 This particular article compares traditionally certified to alternatively certified program graduates with others carrying out a carefully constructed alternatively certified program. There are some AC programs that give teachers who are lacking proper credentials a provisional status and allow them to teach while obtaining the college credits that are equivalent to standard requirements for teacher certification programs. Some states permit Arts and Sciences graduates to go through intensified …show more content…

They also examined behavioral differences of teachers in relationship to training differences (Line 190). In the second study, they examined the effects of AC versus TC teachers on the achievement outputs of their students. The treatments previously discussed in relationship to study 1 remain the same in Study 2. The sample, instrument, data collecting, and statistical analysis all differ (Line 370). The third study was qualitative. They conducted it to gain insight into AC and TC teachers’ perceptions of their teaching abilities (Line 475). 2. Methods a. Are the demographics of the participants (i.e., background characteristics such as age, race, and so on) described in sufficient detail? Explain. No, all demographics of each participant were not described in sufficient detail except in Study 2. Study 1 does not give background characteristics, they only tell how many participants were placed in the classrooms in fall of 1989 (Line 195) Study 2 tells how many AC and TC teachers were used in the study and it also shows that fifth and sixth graders were used. Study 3 states “The 82 teachers in the 41 pairs of matched subjects in Study 1 were the total sample for Study 3. The same selection and matching procedures in Study 1 apply in Study 3 (Lines 475-480). b. Considering the problem area for the research, do you think that appropriate participants were selected? If you had been conducting this study,

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