The Historical Causes Of Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine
Sports medicine is mainly involved with injuries caused my sports or/and physical activity. Physical activities have been around for decades, either if it’s fighting, playing a game that contains physical contact, but when was the first injury recorded for sports medicine? The first injury to be recorded was the fight of Homer and Apollo (the god of the sun) in the late 850 BC. According to the Greeks and Romans, fighting was a regular thing, especially man against man, to represent who had the most power, and this is when Homer got multiple injuries, now I know you might think this is mythology and it might not be true, but for a matter a fact Romans had traditional fightings, it was completely normal for them and there were many injuries and deaths caused by those violent fightings, but as the times passed, and the development/ creations of sports like basketball and baseball began the historical movements of sports medicine., even the minor injuries have effect to sports medicine, so a simple sprain or scrape was still well-known as an injury, but as more inventions began, and the detailing of sports became more aggressive the injuries began to grow. The major effect of this situation is the deaths caused by a traumatic brain injury, mostly concussions, and researchers have made a new discovery, on September 27, 2017 they identify a CTE Biomarker that may lead to diagnosis while alive. This is highly important because the concussion rate has been
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