The Historical Period Of Chinese Art

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The 20th century is a historical period for Chinese art history. It is the time period where China was ruled by Mao Zedong (1942-1976) and Propaganda Art was introduced.
Propaganda art is not just a fine art. It is an information transmission art that contains clear meaning, and the most popular political vehicle for propaganda in the 20th century of China. Propaganda art must have considerable artistic appeal to mobilize image, color, composition, form and other factors to form a strong visual effect. Its screen often has a strong visual center, unique artistic style and design characteristic. However, during that time, the public did not have awareness of collecting art work. Thus, little Propaganda art still exists today even though many of the propaganda posters were reprinted over and over, and pasted in various streets during that time. Propaganda art played an important role in the spiritual and cultural life of the Chinese people. As propaganda art has a special social status during the Revolutionary War and Socialist Construction period of China, it has attracted many successful artists to engage in the creation of posters. This resulted in different forms of propaganda art being produced. As a result, propaganda art had become an indispensable form of Chinese artistic creation in the 20th century.
From the artistic point of view, there are numerous different types of propaganda art during the different time periods. The main forms of propaganda art are woodcuts,…
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