The Historical Values Of Ubuntu

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The argument here that exists is that Ubuntu has no historic significance or cultural value. Its source and origin cannot be identified as it is still believed to be a discourse that was just invented for the sake of it. This is why many critics have gone to great lengths to comment that this terminology is empty and does not have any concrete relevance or even origination and should be discarded instead of being commercialized or made popular. The societies that practiced Ubuntu cannot be found either which further weaken the position of this term and its emergence as a value.
However, I believe that Ubuntu should not be discarded only because it has no historic value or origin because even without these fundamental aspects the term and concept has emerged as a universal African humanist value. When Africans could not oppose the colonialism, they clung to Ubuntu as a critique and this ideology has been with them in …show more content…

This can be seen by the fact that humanism believes staunchly in predestination and that the fate of a person is sealed which cannot be changed in the course of a lifetime. Whereas, the Muslim phase of humanism provides a more logical approach which suggests that the concept of predestination does exist but it can be changed through efforts. This approach is not only more logical but also more rational in terms of its existence. It has been said by the Muslim phase of humanism that “men are distinct creatures, separate from the rest of Creation, due to the fact that God gave them an effective power (Qudra), once and for all time, by which they can choose to act freely”. This shows that the concept of humanism is flawed and man has power over their actions because of which their fate could possibly not be predetermined. Their destination lies in the path that they choose after rational or irrational

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