The History Of Music

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2017 has been a pretty awful year so far, and honestly, it’s on track to be even worse than 2016. Who knew that was possible? Despite the rising tensions regarding diversity in America, there is still one thing that can bring people from across all walks of life together: music. Music has the ability to transcend barriers of language, of culture, of politics, or anything that seeks to divide people on a daily basis. Music is a form of self-expression. Whether through music you create or music you love to listen to, you can learn a lot about others and yourself. I am an avid music listener. My Spotify is filled with playlist after playlist with music ranging from classical to rap to pop. I often have a hard time answering people when they…show more content…
Of course, “Bad Liar” has a chorus, it just doesn’t stick out as much, but I think that makes the song even better. It’s unique word-play make it a refreshing take and Selena Gomez delivers it perfectly. As I said earlier, music is a unifier, but it can also be used to make a statement. The song currently holding number three of “Billboard” Hot 100 is “1-800-273-8255” by Logic featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. The song took me by surprise the first time I heard it. It was clear in its message, in a way that was refreshing and eye-opening to the issue at hand. I had never heard a song, or any form of media, that had addressed such a sensitive topic explicitly and realistically. The Suicide Prevention Hotline even credits the song with raising its call volume. It’s a good, meaningful song that is making a difference. I really enjoy Lorde’s “Green Light”, and most of the other songs on her new album “Melodrama.” The album has a lot of deep, raw emotions behind it and Lorde’s mellow, calming voice tackle them rather well. Still, like most of Lorde’s songs, “Green Light” was quite unconventional, but no less amazing. The song addresses a recent heartbreak of hers, but takes on a rather upbeat style by focusing on the rebellious feelings afterwards rather than the initial sadness. The catchy lyrics and lilting piano background help make it a good dance song, whether in your car or just
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