Portugal Research Paper

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As one of the countries we examined to place a Dunkin’ Donuts, was Portugal. Portugal was founded as a republic in 1910 after a revolution had taken place. Since then Portugal has become a part of the National American Treaty Organization, the United Nations, and the European Union. They are still a 3 branch Republic with both a President and Prime Minister, where they have a Parliamentary Particracy government system. Here in this type of government one or more political parties will lead the government rather than residents and/or elected officials. A party is voted upon by the people of Portugal and the winning party will then appoint all leadership. Portugal has been portrayed as a very stable country in recent years. In an article …show more content…

Relating more to business freedoms is the Criminal Code. Portugal’s Criminal Code is very anti-corruption portal so there are rules in place for legislation to take action if there are any bribes accepted or anything related where a business or person can make capital gain unethically. They also go along with anything to do with the GRECO (Group of States Against Corruption), OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the United Nations rules and regulations put into place. Portugal has a semi-presidential parliamentary democracy, the president for a 5-year term, does not have the executive responsibilities, but they are the head of state and have limited powers. There is also a Prime Minister whom the president selects, their term is 4 years, both of which fall into the current Socialist Government. The main power lies in the parliament and government mandate, these terms are a 4-year span, within this there are five mainstream parties. These five parties, with their abbreviations and seat numbers, include the following: Social Democrats (PSD-89), Socialist Part (PS-86), Leftwing Block (BE-19), Christian Democrats (CDS/PP-18) and the Communists (PCP-15) & Greens (2). Doing business in Portugal is at a very low risk as far as the economy goes. As mentioned before, they have a big focus on corruption that occurs, so political and economic environment can affect their payments. Along with their countries’ risk, when doing business it also

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