The History Of The English Language

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The History of the English language video one, has left me confused, intrigued, and more passionate about where languages come from. The study of languages has always been a passion of mine, how other people across the global community and how there are similar words in each language has always had me thinking. The English language is a newer language compared to most however, in today's world it is one of the hardest and most known languages in the world.
Learning that the English language has come from various different languages really interested me. Learning that some words were taken from, Latin, French, and many others was interesting to learning because I know how the English language has changed them over time. This made me think about what the people at the time thought about the translation of English, similar to the present where we have words like, swag. In todays worlds English is still evolving. Phones have changed the wording, meaning, and pronunciation words as well. “Text grammar” has affected its way into writing. During the time of “Old English” the video made me think about how year after year the English language never stops changing. Various different spellings and pronunciations were changed from French and Latin to the English. Which is weird and confusing at the same time, because English and French do not sound the same at all anymore. However, aftering hearing this it does make sense because American- English still use French words. For example,

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