The History and Future of Wrestling

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Wrestling is more than just a sport; it is a way of life. And for those who enjoy its opportunities, it is something that takes the mind off of all of life’s troubling times, and puts one man against another to get their hand raised. Competition makes everything evolve, and there is no other sport that epitomizes what competition truly is. Wrestling spans the entire globe, and although it incorporates several different styles and many National and World events, remains overlooked by most. The first style of wrestling is Folkstyle. Folkstyle is mainly wrestled in College, High School and Middle School Events, although some kids practice and participate in elementary school. Folkstyle has a rich heritage going back to the beginning days of…show more content…
Freestyle is described as a combat sport that confronts two competitors who try to gain control over their opponents through the use of throws, locks, leg trips, and clinching techniques (Fila Official ). Takedowns are described as the action that occurs from the standing/neutral position when an opponent is taken to the mat and controlled (Isport). Developed in Great Britain and the United States under the name catch-as-catch-can, Freestyle became the favorite attraction in fairs and popular celebrations during the nineteenth century. The goal of this sport is to bring the opponents shoulders to the ground and almost all holds are allowed. Over half a dozen United States Presidents practiced it, including: George Washington, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, Andrew Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It has been in every Olympics since 1904, except for 1908. For national and international events, singlets must be blue or red (Fila Official ). Singlets must have your country’s emblem on the chest, abbreviation of country’s name and last name in Latin letters. The coach of the wrestler must have a cloth handkerchief with him during the entire match. (Rulebook) Finally, Greco-Roman is the last style. Greco-Roman wrestling is a combat sport that confronts two competitors who try to gain control over their opponent through the use of throws, locks, and clinching techniques. The holds can only be executed on the upper body,
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