The History of Alcatraz

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Life on Alcatraz Prison was not as bad as the people described it to be. For the prisoners Living on Alcatraz was similar to life on other American penitentiaries of the era. It wasn’t the brutal hellhole many movies made it look like it was.
Each prisoner swept his cell clean, dressed, and then stood ready for head count. Then all marches to the mess hall for break feast before moving on to work out in the docks in the laundry area, or out in any of the other buildings in the island.
The food on Alcatraz was better than other prison foods in America. The prisoners wore also given the advantage of having their on cell. Having their own cell gave the prisoners safety and gave them personal space. It also helped keep the prisoners safe from being raped by other bigger inmates. They wore also given the privilege of one visit per month. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing. They got one haircut per month, and took showers twice a week. They wore also given recreational hours out in the courtyard.
Many dangerous men wore inside of Alcatraz. Al Capone was a famous inmate of Alcatraz. Al Capone was a master at manipulating his environment at the federal prison in Atlanta, and tats what got him into Alcatraz. He started to pimp his prostitutes before he even hit puberty. He was born and raised in the harsh streets of Brooklyn. Despite being a powerful gangster, he opened up soup kitchens and feed the poor.
Machinegun Kelly was also a famous inmate of Alcatraz. He belonged
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