Essay on The History of Chemistry: Chemistry is True Science

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Chemistry plays a key role in every branch of science. It has even been dated to times as early as the Prehistoric Era, and all the way up to now, the Present. We use Chemistry on a day to day basis. From Jewelry, to Fire-Works, Soap, and also, even the food we eat. Often people look at Chemistry and are bored because of the information they may not know. Science is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and explore the world of Science. There is more to Chemistry than meets the human eye, and there are several topics many people do not know the answers to. Society was very different before Chemistry. It dates all the way back to 1000 BC. Civilizations began to use Chemistry as a way of life, developing new technology that would…show more content…
Society today is still using Chemistry as much as the people did back in the ancient times. “Leading chemists from around the world have warned that scarce natural resources, such as phosphate minerals mined for fertilizers, are “dwindling at an alarming rate” and shortages could hit within a generation.” (Gilbert, Natasha. “Shortcoming of scarce Natural resources coming, warn Chemists” Nature News Blog. 27 March 2011) Although the natural resources have been scarce, the natural resources are back and up to date. Society today could not run without the work of Chemists and Chemistry teachers teaching the children of the next generation the key factors in Chemistry. Therefore Chemistry is very important in today’s society and will always be. In my opinion, the impact of Chemistry will continue to grow and become more popular and also more widely spread throughout the civilizations of the world. I think that without the work off Chemistry teachers and also Chemists, the technology discovered and invented today could not have been possible. To skin care lines, to determining which chemicals to mix with each other to make certain chemicals, us humans need to survive on a day to day basis. Medicines also play a key role in my opinion, without scientists, cures could not have been possible. The things that Chemists have achieved, I think, are sometimes taken for granted. So, for the future, Chemists will continue to do what they do best and also continue
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