The History of John Deere

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John Deere History
John Deere has seen many changes since its founding in 1837. It began with a polished piece of steel that became a plow, and from that humble beginning an agricultural powerhouse was formed. John Deere has created many tractors and farming instruments that have made farmers lives easier. John Deere has delivered superior products to the world of agriculture. Agriculture has improved immensely due to product technology and innovation. (expand)
John Deere was an accomplished blacksmith known for his craftsmanship and creativity during the years farming was really taking off (Broehel).In 1830 he moved west settling in Grand Detour, Illinois where his blacksmith business, consisting of primarily of making horseshoes and wagon wheels grew. He noticed the plows the pioneers brought from the east were having trouble in the hard soil. Thats when he made his first plow out of a broken saw blade. He was hoping his new design would cut the soil better and it did (1). His invention sold so fast he could not keep up with the demand. He knew he needed to expand, so he moved his business to a new location in Moline, Illinois where he had more room and access to water to power his equipment.
In 1843 John Deere ordered a shipment of steel from England because it was less expensive. However, it was still an enormous cost and prevented him from continuing to expand his new operation in Moline (Deere & Company 1). Three years later he was able to get his steel made in

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