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Comprehensive Business Analysis on Deere & Company McKenzie R. Mayfield Tarleton State University Dr. Nathan Heller October 31, 2015 Author Note I attest that this document is an original creation submitted in accordance with the requirement for the Comprehensive Written Project (CWP) in Seminar in Business Strategy (GB-5388) during the Fall 2015 academic term. Abstract This document provides an in depth company analysis of Deere & Company (DE). In the first segment of the analysis, an overview of John Deere’s history, product and service offerings, corporate strategy, and a synopsis of the heavy equipment production industry will be evaluated. The second segment includes a financial overview and analysis of the three most recent…show more content…
However, emerging factors which include rapid technological innovations, greater global competition, an increase in government regulation, and unpredictable economic conditions may pose as a threat to Deere and Company’s future endeavors. This paper thoroughly examines Deere & Company from multiple perspectives. First, a review of the company’s history, products and service offerings, corporate strategy, and a summary of the agricultural and construction equipment industry will be provided. Next, the Deere and Company’s current financial position will be examined. This includes reports of John Deere’s earnings, cash flows, assets and debt management, profit margins, and future projections. These financial statistics will then be compared to the primary competitors of John Deere in order to show the company’s financial viability. After the analysis is complete, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) will be conducted in order to identify key success factors and driving forces. Based on the analysis, strategic recommendations that Deere and Company should leverage in order to avoid potential threats and to maintain its position as an industry leader. Company Analysis History After American blacksmith, John Deere, saw the inefficiencies cast-iron plows were in the thick Midwestern sod, he fashioned a polished steel plow in his Grand Detour, Illinois

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