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Executive Summary
John Deere is an iconic one hundred and seventy-seven year old company and maker of agricultural machinery headquartered in Moline, Illinois. What started as a small business operation has sprung into a multibillion-dollar global operation. In 2013 alone, the company boasted sales of $37.80 billion. Founded in 1837 by a blacksmith, the company originally only built plows, and did not assemble their first tractor until they purchased a small tractor company, Waterloo Boy, in 1918. Now the green and yellow machinery is recognized around the world.
Although agricultural equipment is still the main revenue generator for John Deere, they are also a major producer of forestry, construction, commercial and …show more content…

The collapse in the housing market and a global recession dramatically reduced demand for construction equipment. The current global economic state is slowly progressing, which is a positive indicator for the industry. Increasing farm income over the next five years will most likely boost demand for agricultural and turf machinery, but farmers will probably remain cautious with their purchasing decisions. Therefore, domestic sales will continue to be static. However, increasing demand in South America, China, India, and other global emerging markets is expected to significantly boost international sales of all product lines over the next few years as population and income growth in these emerging markets will drive this trend.
In an effort to analyze the company’s place within the industry and to identify John Deere’s organizational strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats in the industry, we’ve analyzed the company with two tools, the SWOT and the C5 analysis.

SWOT Analysis:
This section presents a detailed analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect John Deeres operation within the industry.
Strong relationship with dealers and customers:
The company’s goal is to provide more than just a product. Deere “is committed to those linked to the land” as company strategy says. It enjoys high customer loyalty thanks to a superior customer service and maintains a

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