`` The Hive `` By Marshall Poe And Small Change By Malcolm Gladwell

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The way that people now communicate with each other has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Technological devices like cell phones or computers that used to be just accessories now became a must in our daily lives. A person cannot leave the house without a phone since now the person might feel disconnected and sometimes even lost. We now have the ability to communicate with people thousands of miles away by just a few clicks. The quarrel is that this power made it easier to connect us with people we love even if we never get to see them in real life. In “The Hive” by Marshall Poe and “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell, both authors talk about the advancement of communication through social media. Poe believes that social media revolutionize us as a community, yet Gladwell criticizes it for being fake and not creating strong ties. Communication through social media does not create strong ties between the people we are connected with, it creates a deceitful sense of strength and interaction between people. It also alters an individual’s perception and makes it easy for people to show an image of themselves that isn’t who they really are. That is why people now a days even though they may seem like they are more connected through social media outlets, they really don’t realize how week of a connection social media brings.
Sharing information before the advancement of the technology for communication was a lot more difficult at one time. In the 18th century, a French
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