The Holocaust Haunted Irene Gut and Anne Frank

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The holocaust had been two pale, waxy fingers from a deathly hand pinching out lights all over Europe. It affected everyone, from young to old, short or tall. It had haunted two girls by the name of Irene Gut and Anne Frank, just because they did not have the luck to be born “the supreme race” that Hitler thought was most admirable. In "The Diary of Anne Frank" a young girl named Anne Frank had been forced to hide in the rooftop room in the father's work building. Anne had suffered through life as she could not make noise or look outside the window. In the book “In My Hands”, Irene Gut, a young woman, had to make many sacrifices for the things she believed for after she had been torn away from her family during the holocaust. Thus, Irene Gut and Anne Frank, two people who lived during the holocaust, had different yet similar lives because of their personalities, situations, and ages. The individual personalities of Anne Frank and Irene Gut affected the way they were able to view the holocaust. During the holocaust, Anne Frank, a young girl hiding in a secret attic, had a bright and cheery personality. Her personality affected the way she saw the holocaust. Anne loved her family, so she constantly joked around and tried to cheer them up, even though it often did not work. People interpreted her bright personality as a sign that she was childish and needed to be watched. Therefore, Anne was babied and was taken care of. On the other hand, Irene had a

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