The Holocaust : The Life Of The Holocaust

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My heart stopped and my mouth became dry as I knocked over a chair and it fell onto the floor : this could be it, they’d find us and we’d all be dead. It wasn’t the best of times. Frankly it was the worst of times. I had a normal childhood. Our family had lived in Frankfurt, Germany from my birth in 1929 until 1933. My father, Otto Frank, decided to move us to the Netherlands in 1933 because of the rise of anti - semitism ( There, I attended a montessori school and had many friends, I was also “an inquisitive and bright student” ( Life changed for me when the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940: I was forced to attend a Jewish lyceum and my father’s business was signed over to a non-Jew (People of the Holocaust). In 1942, my father converted an attic in his company warehouse in case we needed to go into hiding. And we did, that same summer. My race and I were strenuously condemned during my lifetime, and my loneliness became overbearing. Fortunately, I was able to counteract the adversities I have faced during my lifetime by relentless optimism as well as confiding to my diary. Despite the apparent destruction and and horrible events occurring just outside of the annex, I was able to restore faith in humanity with optimism. During my time hiding in the annex, the Nazis had been responsible for the death of six million Jews (, committing perhaps one of the worst crimes against humanity. The leader of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler,

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