The Holywood Project

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The Holyrood Project was a cost and time scale failure but due to that the building came out as a very high quality building of our time still seen by architects as "a tour de force of arts and crafts and quality without parallel in the last 100 years of British architecture". So even though the project as a whole was a failure the building is seen as a master piece. There are many reasons why the projects seen as a failure, some reasons making more impact on the failure than others.
Project Management
The main cause of the project was how the project was managed, the choice of procurement used was construction management method, so the client became the contractual role, this helped speed up the procurement processes and allowed the client greater flexibility in design variation, but the risk of using this method was found out in the project as most of the risks stayed with the client rather than transferring to the contractors, so any delays in the project were the clients responsibility, which was found out as the project was scheduled to open in 2001 but ran three years over an was finished in 2004 so all the costs from the delays put a major impact on the final budget. The Project Leadership was not well established or organised properly to have a single point of leadership and control where decisions could be made about how to balance out the time, cost and quality of the build but the lack of this responsibility and accountability for managing the individual aspects

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