The Horrors Of The Genetically Modified Organisms

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Angelena Parjohn Mrs. Rochester ENG 4U1 Tuesday February 22, 2016 The Horrors Of The Genetically Modified "The process of genetic engineering always involves the risk of altering the genetics and cellular functioning of a food organism in unanticipated ways. These unanticipated alterations can result in GE foods being allergenic, toxic, or reduced in nutritional value". GMO ; genetically modified organisms is a process by which recombinant DNA is retracted and used to combine with another organisms DNA to either improve or restrain certain attributes in organism. The types of potential hazards posed by GMO’s vary according to the type of organism being modified and its intended application. This can be done to either live stock by enlarging the animal to an unhealthy size or even reducing the nutrition the animal receives thus killing the animal or plantation by creating herbicides or even bacteria by altering the bacteria to create a virus resistant which could potentially create put more lives at risk rather than saving them. The process of genetically modifying organisms may be efficient and less time consuming than organically grown organisms but it should not be used to enhance or limit any organisms as there are many negative risks that could potentially or fatally harm the organisms and the their environment. Genetically modified organisms consist of foods that humans consume, they are mixed with a variety of chemicals and are modified to taste and look a certain
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