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The feel of her pussy around my cock as the lips were sliding up and down like a mouth as I moved myself in and out of her no-longer-virgin pussy, was incredible. The sheer heat radiating from inside of her was like a warm furnace. The juices from our sweat and pheromones were heating up, and began filling the air with the unmistakable odor of sex. They say that Spanish women can fuck longer, harder, and hotter. Lara was half Mexican, and totally new to this, but it still had to be the hottest sex I ever had.

We had a rhythm and tempo going now, as I was fucking her missionary position. Once she had begun to start enjoying the sex, I had to become focused on my own sexual needs as well, so I began to stick it to her long and hard. I would push into her with short, deep strokes, filling her pussy walls and feeling her contracting around me as I hit the back of her cervix on nearly every push. Then I would pull almost all the way out of her, leaving in just the raw head before I push myself very hard back in. She seemed to like it this way the most, gasping when I would pull out and moaning and screaming out loudly when I would push myself back in. Her room had become a blur during our fucking and I didn’t even notice that the bed was slamming against the wall as we bounced up and down on it.

Lara’s beautiful boobs were coated in a sheen of sweat as we fucked, and I could see tiny beaded droplets form on her hard nipples. I couldn 't resist this sight, so I leaned down and

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