The Human Imagination Is A Glorious Aspect Of Ourselves

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The human imagination is a glorious aspect of ourselves that can fill up our minds with such delightful thoughts and images. As interesting and perplexed someone’s imagination can get, it can still be easily influenced by such things like movies and television. I know from personal experience just how much these things really play a part when creating certain fantasies or scenarios in your head. As a child, seeing your basic stereotypical teenage movies for the first time, such as “Mean Girls”, really had a huge impact on the way I shaped my imagination. I winded up creating my whole life from when I became a teenager to my entire high school career up into many different fantasies. It was not until I actually aged and lived such moments myself that I opened my eyes and realized that what you see in the movies or on television is not an accurate forecast of the way your life is going to turn out. In movies like, “Mean Girls” or “Clueless”, or shows such as “Unfabulous” and “Gossip Girl”, they portray such ridiculous stereotypes of the way a teenager’s life is, or how it’s supposed to be. You see stereotypes like jocks and cheerleaders are always the popular kids whereas nerds are always uncool, teenagers are always having sex, going to parties, and doing drugs, and people seem to always find their soul mates in high school and are together forever. All of these seem like they could be true, but when it comes down to it, most are not, but yet; we still use such movies or

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