The Human Phirking System : The Causes Of The Human Respiratory System

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The human respiratory system is composed of two main sections, the upper respiratory tract and the lower respiratory tract. The upper respiratory tract contains everything from your nose to where your vocal chords are located. The lower respiratory tract contains everything from below your vocal chords to your lungs. The upper and lower respiratory tracts both contribute, in their own way, to the process people use to breathe. At its most basic level, breathing is simply the change of the oxygen we breathe in to the carbon dioxide that we exhale. While this may sound simple, many different factors go into making this process possible, and not all of these factors are unique to cells from our own body. The entire surface of both respiratory tracks, especially the upper tract, are coated in the cells of bacteria and other microbes (such as viruses) that scientists believe are essential to helping our breathing process occur as smoothly as possible.
Many scientists have claimed to find proof that these ‘friendly’ bacteria help us survive by preventing more ‘evil’ bacteria from attacking our respiratory tracts. The so-called ‘friendly’ bacteria help us survive purely out of their own self –interest. The spread of the other ‘evil’ bacteria would be competition for them as they try to survive in our respiratory tract, so they put up a resistance to other species that ends up being helpful to us humans. As stated in the article, “inhibition of this first step of [disease] for

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