The Human Resources Issues At Healthamerica

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Like many managers, Dana finds herself in a frustrating situation. Dana is struggling to get results from management and from her team. With a possible corporate restructuring on the horizon, now is the time for Dana to redirect her management style to a symbolic leadership style. Leading symbolically will require Dana to make some changes (Giulioni, 2013). In order to begin fixing the human resources issues at HealthAmerica, Dana must focus on leading symbolically.

Starting with symbolic communication will set the stage for additional changes. From the symbolic frame, communications is more that speaking and writing. Leaders communicate through actions and choices (Giulioni, 2013). In order to set the stage to lead symbolically, Dana needs to show that she is a leader. Presenting herself as confident and and in control will show the team more than she could tell them directly.

While non-verbal communication such as showing confidence and acting the part of the leader play a large role in symbolic communication, how you communicate verbally has an impact as well (Baldoni, 2010). In order for Dana to be taken seriously as a manager and as a communicator, she also has to learn to communicate authentically and openly with her team. Rather than make snarky comments behind Ken’s back and glare at him when she is unhappy, she needs to open the path of communication so that the two can discuss the issue openly and verbalize their needs. Dana can further this discussion in how

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