The Human Resources Management Class

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INTRODUCTION After my experience in the Human Resources Management class, I came to understand that a company’s best way to compete in the market is through the people that make up the company. Knowing how to use the employee’s skills and knowledge to benefit the company is crucial when competing. Being aware of who is working in the company is only one of the steps needed to succeed. A company is the collection of people with different skills and talents who come together to produce a finished product. From the intern who may runs errands to the CEO of the company, everyone plays an important role in the success of the company. How is it that a company ensures that the people are retained and motivated to work? It is through the human resources department! Although some may think that the human resource personnel are only there to listen to the employees’ problems, HR is much more than this. To further explore the world of the human resources apartment, I conducted an interview with Lori Whol who is part of the personnel of the human resources department at Devon Energy.
The Devon Energy Corporation is considered to be one of the largest natural gas and oil producers in the United States. It was founded more than four decades ago by John Nichols and his son Larry, but it did not become a public company until 1988. In 2012, the company closed the office to move to the new corporate tower here in downtown Oklahoma City. Devon sells “non-core assets” in the United

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