The Ideas Of Women In Literature, By Siegfried Sassoon

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Women in Literature Throughout generations women have been always been treated as second class citizens in society. This concept is portrayed in many different novels from past generations, it is shown how women had to live by societies will or else they would be out casted and left in isolation. They were discredited, such as their help during the first Great War and described unfavorably by men in literature and even some women in society. To society women were to be homemakers, while the men were to do all the hard labor and provide food for the family. Literature was a place where the divide was shown clearly. Many male writers describe the female gender as weak willed and oblivious to the world around them. Men would write women as fanciful and that they were made to please men. This is not the case when it came to women writers, women would describe women as strong and in a positive favor. Women always believed that with the right education they would be at an equal level to their male counter parts. When it comes to a man writing about women they tend to be harsh and judgmental towards women, describing them as foolish and ignorant to the world around them. During the twentieth century ideas of women’s rights were appearing but that did not stop the discrimination of women. An example of this unjust idea, is a poem written by a twentieth century poet, named Siegfried Sassoon. The poem is called “Glory of Women” and it is about the Great War and how women supposedly

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