The Immediate Causes Of Starvation In African Americans

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1. Mehta's purpose was to report how Indians ironically starved without a shortage of food, a scenario that she compares to starvation in the United States at the end of her writing. She most directly indicates this purpose in paragraph eight, where she states “It must be hard to be hungry when food is plentiful.” and “It must be hard to be hungry, even in the U.S.A.” (522).
2. The immediate cause of the starvation was the black marketeers hoarding the food and only selling it for very high prices. A street food vendor “offered three options to its customers: A price to see the food. A higher price to smell the food. [And, a] third price to eat the food.” (Mehta 522).
3. The ultimate cause of the starvation was the villagers giving their entire

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