The Impact Nationalism in Italy and the Austrian Empire

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Nationalism holds that where a nation exists, it should govern itself. The forces of nationalism influenced central Europe from Italy to the land of the Austrian Habsburgs. After 1815, the region knew the positive effects of a different style of governing and was divided into a much more rational set of political units. There was an effort by both states to unite its segmented lands, so that they could have a more international standpoint. By 1870, both Italy and the Austrian Empire had been re-established. Italy had become unified into a central power, whereas Austria-Hungary had established a dual monarchy.
The political structure of the Italian peninsula prior to 1861 was that of a fragmented group of small kingdoms and …show more content…

By summer, the revolution 's momentum began to decline. The Austrians ordered the Hungarian diet to dissolve, but the order went unheeded. In September Jelacic led an army into Hungary. A committee of national defense under Kossuth took control, authorized the establishment of a Hungarian army, and issued paper money to fund it. In October 1848, imperial troops entered Vienna and stifled a workers ' rebellion, effectively ending the revolution

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