The Impact Of Athletics At The High School And Middle School Elementary Level

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Within the Athletics Department there were several changes that occurred in the last 4-5 years. There were significant changes for athletics at the high school and middle school elementary level. Some of the changes were good and justified, but not everyone was accustomed or willing to adapt.
As mentioned previously, most notably was the closing and restructuring of two high schools. Creston was closed completely and this caused the district lines to be redrawn. Students wanting to participate in sports that lived in a specific region of Grand Rapids had to play at the high school closest to them. Due to the fact that Central’s restructuring removed athletics out of their building, that same result was needed. This caused a lot of disarray among the students wanting to play for their school and the alumni who previously attended the school. Parents were appalled either because the school they wanted to send their child to closed or the fact that their student-athlete would have to play for a school at a different site. Some parents and student athletes could not fathom growing up in a household as Central Ram and being forced to play as a Union Red Hawk. This was the mindset of many parents, students and families that decided not to send their child to a GRPS high school. The Athletics Department essentially had to unfreeze the communities thinking of the way sport were previously offered.
The human capital approach came into play. The Athletics

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