The Impact Of Carbon Capture Technologies On Climate Change Essay

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'The Impact of Carbon Capture technologies on Climate Change: Methods for rapid sequestration of CO2 '.

Carbon dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases contributing to the global phenomenon we know today as climate change. Processes such as deforestation and predominantly the combustion of fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in huge quantities. In order to achieve the UK’s challenging target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by the year 2050 (Jorat, M.E et al. 2015), this carbon dioxide must be harnessed in a safe and efficient manner. It is important for our generation to understand and recognise the complications that large amounts of carbon in the atmosphere can have upon the environment and upon the future generations to come. Therefore carbon capture technologies have been developed in attempt to diminish the impact that carbon has upon climate change. In this essay I am going to address an extensive project called the SUCCESS project in which scholars in the areas of ecology, geotechnical engineering and sustainability have merged knowledge to investigate the role that urban soils have in regards to acting as huge carbon sinks.
CCS (carbon capture and sequestration) technology refers to a wide range of technology developed in an attempt to reduce levels of greenhouse gases within the atmosphere and also develop cleaner air technologies. In this way, carbon dioxide is removed from the air so that it is not immediately

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