The Impact Of Celebrity On Consumer Perception

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The use of innovative marketing tactics are often implemented to achieve success in the restaurant industry. Using celebrity endorsers as part of the promotion for the restaurant is one common practice. Using celebrities, a restaurant or restaurant chain can distinguish itself from its competitors by increasing the brands reputation and name. Developing positive attitudes towards the brand as well as maintaining loyal customers increases sales and allows the restaurant to gain a distinct advantage over their competitors. The appropriate endorser must be chosen carefully, as the selection of the celebrity can have a positive impact on consumer perception. Conversely, selecting an inappropriate celebrity may have a negative impact resulting in a reduction of sales as well as poor brand reputation. Social media presence is also key for the promotion and success of the restaurant. Using marketing strategies which include the internet, Twitter, Facebook, Magazine, and newspaper coverage, celebrities can help the restaurants brand grow. This paper will explore the various reasons of how celebrity endorsements impact consumer perception.
Marketing Strategies.
In today’s economy, the restaurant industry is finding it increasingly more difficult to gain consumer awareness and achieve success. An effective marketing tactic used by the industry to overcome this is by using celebrity endorsers. A celebrity endorser is known to the public as actors, sports figures,

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