The Impact Of Cellphones On Society

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Anyone you ask would say that society has been deeply impacted by all of the technology that has been taking the world by storm. One piece of technology that has made the biggest impact on the world around us is the cellphone. But the cellphone has made an impact a certain age group more than it has than with any other age group, that age groups is young adults. If you were to just take a look around you, you would see how many young adults’ eyes are glued to their cell phone screens as they walking around not paying attention to where they need to go. Now I will explain to you more about how cell phones affect everyone’s daily lives. So please silence your cellphones for the rest of the essay. First, cellphones have made their owners no longer want to talk face-to-face which is a problem. According to a Technology Use graph “When people go onto their phones they text on the about 184.43 minutes a day.” Since cell phone owners would rather text than talk face-to-face the numbers will most likely keep on going up therefore, when the time comes for them to talk face-to-face they will have problems communicating with others. Another piece of evidence comes from the article Cell Phones are Changing Social Interaction which states “Younger adults also use text messages for a variety of functions in romantic relationships. In particular, about 15 percent of young adults reported they ended a relationship via text message and 25 percent reported they had been dumped via text.” This

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