The Impact Of Charlie Chaplin's Impact On Film

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Throughout this course, we have talked about a lot of different directors, photographers, artists, actors, etc., involved in some of the most foundational and original films during the silent film era. However, the person who really intrigued me the most was, none other than, Charlie Chaplin. In fact, I’d like to use this paper to further explore his life and career to gain some perspective on who he was and the steps it took for him to rise to fame. I believe his impact on film throughout his life was extremely influential, and in order to understand that impact, I must start from the beginning. Charles S. Chaplin was born in London, England on April 16th of 1889. His father, Charles Chaplin Sr. and mother, Hannah Harriett (stage name: Lily Harley), each doubled as vocalists and stage performers. Thanks to his parents, Charlie discovered his talents at an early age. He was only five years old when he made his first appearance on stage as a fill-in for his mother at a music hall performance. After that, his passion for the performing arts could only grow larger. However, his life took a dramatic turn after his father left and his mother was subsequently put into an asylum, all before the age of ten. Because of this, Charlie and his brother Sydney were set off on a hard journey where they were left to fend for themselves. After two years spent with his half-brother in an ill-kept orphanage, doing his best to use his mother’s contacts to reach some sort of acting

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