The Impact Of Datscan On Diagnosis And Management Of Movement Disorders

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The Impact of DaTscan on the Diagnosis and Management of Movement Disorders: A Retrospective Study. New and evolving diagnostic tests are always exciting. Especially if these tests could possibly lead us to a cure for those diseases that currently have only treatment, but no cures. Parkinson 's is a progressively degenerative disease, which affects millions of people every year. Patients suffering from Parkinson 's incur high costs from drug therapy, fall-related injuries, and hospitalizations. By diagnosing this disease earlier, treatment can be started earlier and hopefully the symptoms can be delayed and less severe for a longer period of time giving the patient a better quality of life. However, with any new test we must use statistical measures to determine if these tests are truly making a difference. This search was performed using articles in Pubmed and PMC from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health using the key terms Parkinson 's disease, parkinsons diagnosis, and DaTscan. No print sources were used during this research. In the current times of change and technology, by the time an article or book is written, edited, sent to press, and distributed to stores, libraries, etc it is already old news. For the most up to date information, the Internet is usually where the most relevant information can be found. However, with any media source, it is important to use information from reputable sources. Parkinson 's disease is one of

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