The Impact Of Digital Technology On Academic Study

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Digital technology leads to success in academic study In the last 30 years, IT technology has become more integrated in educational institutions. Currently, many educational institutions are focused in the use of technology such as; online discuss forum, academic websites, PowerPoint presentation and use of audio-visual aid. Moreover, technology helps students to achieve their intended goal to meet success. For the purpose of this essay, the term technology means materials, digital tools, electronic devices and techniques that have been used in academic study. In addition, success means being expert, knowledgeable, competitive and improving performance in term of grade obtained in result. This essay argues that digital technology leads to success in academic study. This will be supported by analysing the following points. Firstly, digital technology helps students to become knowledgeable, and skilled. Secondly, distance learner can study at their feasible time by which they receive an equal opportunity to upgrade knowledge with the frequent use of digital technology. Digital technology is necessary to access more information and improves the skills of students. This is because, it has higher acceptance in most of the universities due its effectiveness in achieving success. This can be analysed in the following. First of all, access to technology assist students to gain comprehensive knowledge and make them more competent. For example, Levi and Gilat (2012, p.93) compares
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