The Impact Of Elvis Presley And The Beatles

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Where is a mind to wander when the words "blue suede shoes" come to pass? How about the soothing lyrics of Hey Jude gliding through the air? These are some of the memories left behind by some of the greatest musicians of all time, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. It is rare to find someone that doesn't know them, even just their name if nothing else. They truly have left their mark in the world, but who left the bigger mark? Some may say The Beatles are the obvious choice, but when everything is laid out things tend to lean the other direction.
Elvis Presley has had such an influence over the world; he was even given the title of The King of Rock and Roll. As the journalist David Halberstam stated, “In cultural terms, Elvis's coming was nothing less than the start of a revolution.” Though he was not the first rock and roll star of the times, he was the one who truly brought the power of rock and roll to a new level. Part of what made his sound so unique, is how he encompassed elements of gospel, rockabilly, and rhythm and blues all wrapped into one amazing sound. In St James Evolution of Pop Culture the author claims that in revolutionizing popular music, he spawned countless imitators, including the pompadour rock and rollers who climbed the charts in his aftermath, and he influenced generations of performers and musicians, professionally and personally (Broekes 217). Even after his death, the famed rock and roll star sold over 500 million records! Many of his songs and

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